Dagui Pierro

French, Artist, Illustrator, Barcelona. In any order. And disorder.

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Why would you do that? Here's how I use these social networks:
On Google+ I share all kind of things, artists I've just discovered, movies, tv shows and musics I love and some funny stuff. And of course my latests creations. I love this social network for the community and the level of engagement and talks. If at first it was just strangers, through time you really get to know each-other. It's all about shared interests and having a good time online... and then IRL for some of them.
Oh wait, there is no Google+ anymore, was too good to be true. Google killed it.

I used to use Twitter as a professional tool and Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family. I have deserted those place.
Instead you can find me on Instagram to keep up on my latests creations, trips and visits.